Do you and your Wolf Pack want an adventure worthy of the Hangover II?

Of course you do, BB Bachelor's Bangkok Hangover Tour provides just that: it’s up to you to provide the scenes worthy of the big screen!

Live out the best moments from the movie in the same hotels, bars and clubs the Wolf Pack did in the hilarious 2011 film!

Make sure you take plenty of awesome photos on this fast-paced Bangkok bar crawl, turning you and your Bangkok Bachelor party into real-life versions of Bradley Cooper and the gang.

This one is guaranteed to have everyone left at home green with envy…

Bangkok Hangover Tour is not for the faint hearted and our Bangkok Stag pranks will have everyone in stitches…

Handcuff him to a lady-boy? Lesbian Cop Show? we have an array of pranks to make the night more than memorable.

The attention to detail we offer is astounding and the fun you and your mates have will be off the chart as you re-live one of the ultimate stag ‘dos…

Maybe you will even go one further and add some unbelievable scenes of your own!

Remember: what happens in Bangkok, stays in Bangkok.

bangkok hangover tour